Key West is not just some Florida beach town. It is absolutely packed with history: Presidents have lived here, wars have been fought here, and one of civilization’s most prolific writers took pen to paper here (and left behind a beautiful home to visit). If that’s not enough for you, the area boasts—expectedly—a few great beaches, and—perhaps unexpectedly—state and national parks with crowds that are delightfully sparse. The sportfishing off Key West is also world-renowned (while we can’t promise you’ll catch a big one…you’ll catch a big one). In case it wasn’t clear already, a trip to the southernmost part of the continental United States will never leave you bored.

One of the biggest photo-ops in Key West, Southernmost Point is just what it sounds like: the southernmost point of the continental United States. There’s not too much to see other than a large red-and-black-striped buoy statue, but the site is still extremely crowded with folks looking to snag just the right Instagram shot. To beat the rush, arrive early or late in the day—if you can catch a dramatic sunset, even better.